Heavy bleeding first aid trick

Heavy bleeding

Q . What ought to one do if the patient is bleed heavily?

  • Put pressure on the wound with no matter out there to prevent or weigh down the flow of the blood.
  • Call native emergency numbers or kindle facilitate to induce to .
  • Keep pressure on the wound till the assistance arrives.

Q. The person appearance pale and feels cold and dizzy. What will this mean?

It means that there isn’t enough blood flowing through the body. It is life threatening as a result of it will terribly quickly result in alternative conditions, like lack of element within the body’s tissues, coronary failure or organ harm. This physical response to associate degree injury or health problem is named shock.
If you think somebody goes into shock, him down and carry his feet more than the remainder of his body. such the legs area unit more than the center during this position, that helps increase blood flow to their brain and heart.

Q. ought to wound be washed?

For minor cuts and grazes, one will wash the wound to get rid of any dirt. do not wash a wound that's hurt heavily. If a wound that's hurt heavily put to sleep a faucet, then all curdling agents can wash away and can bleed additional.

  • Do's and Don'ts for serious hurt
  • Do’s for serious hurt 
  • Reassure victim that assistance is on the manner
  • Call automobile straightaway
  • Check victim’s status regularly
  • Use direct pressure to prevent hurt
  • Check to visualize if victim’s airwaysare clear
  • If no pulse or respiration, start CPR
  • To prevent transmission of unwellness, use latex gloves
  • Raise head if hurt in higher body areas
  • Raise feet if hurt in lower body areas 
  • Don'ts for serious bleeding
  • Don’t move the patient if not needed
  • Always suspect “spinal injury” (and don’t move the victim)
  • Don’t set fractures and breaks (simply immobilize the victim)
  • Use “direct” pressure to prevent hurt
  • Don’t take away things imbedded within the eye
  • Don’t use burn ointments
  • Call emergency as before long as attainable


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