Care of skin from heat.

Care of skin from heat.

The heat is increasing towards its extreme. In such a situation, the skin needs special care. In the sharp sunlight season, the sweat, dust, polluted air, the smoke has the effect on the poison of skin. This season comes with the problem of sweat. It is a great harmony for the skin, it is quite harmful to the skin of the summer. During this time the face loses its moisture. In order to maintain the brightness in the skin, use sunscream for the respective facials and the panning of the tanning. The suceding, sweat and sharp sunlight rays new - make new problems. From the skin tan, fungal infection, gun, hair loss and allergy etc. Are hurt to be disturbed by the tin infan, the mouth, hair loss and allergy etc..., but to this, they can be difficult to stop it.

  • Fungal infection problem and diagnosis is the highest fake of the fake in the summer days, which is called Fagal Infection. This fungal infection in great humans and heat increases very much.

  • To prevent the fungus it is necessary that you keep your body clean. Remove sweaty clothes soon. Use regular powder.

  • If it is itching, then treat it only with the advice and advice of the doctor as it is sometimes wound if it is not properly treated with itching.

What are the problems

Sunburn and skin tanning problem in which the skin appears to be glowing with blackness and decreases the brightness. In the summer, most of the skin becomes oily and faces on the face - nails. Sudden hair loss begins to grow. Allergy causes skin and itching problems.


  • if you have to go to a strong sun, put a cap, helmet on the head and keep the face covered with a scarf or cloth so that there is no direct radiation of sunlight. Use sunscrew to avoid sunlight. It keeps moisture in the skin and also protects against tanning.
  • Wash the face several times with clean water in the summer it will feel fresh but do not rub the skin. Do not use excessive makeup as the sweating of sweating increases the chances of allergies.
  • If the face is oily, then use sunscream as per skin, choose facial only on the advice of the doctor. If the skin is of sensitive nature then use shampoo and face wash on the advice of the physician.
  • Avoid using the hard rose in summer. Use powder to prevent sweat. Wear loose and ventilated clothes in summer. Do not use tight clothing.

Cause of problem

Dehydration, lack of water and sunlight ultraviolet rays have direct impact on the body. Fungus due to sweat and humidity Having an oily skin skin, due to dust, to get the nail foil


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