Amla kept fresh throughout the day and stopped hair loss

Amla kept fresh throughout the day and stopped hair loss

Our day starts with tea and ends at dinner. It should be, however, that our day should start from the empty stomach juice of a gooseberry. Amla is a gift given by nature that can ruin many of the many diseases which flourish in our body. Iron and Vitamin C have been filled in Amla. Every person needs 50 grams of Vitamin C daily, so if you consumed Amla or consumed it, then your body will be filled with Vitamin C. Amla juice benefits our hair, skin and helps in reducing weight. Amla contains antioxidant in addition to Vitamin C. It also stops being white white. This also stops the double face of the hair. You can take Amla at any time before breakfast in the morning. Using it will prevent hair loss and your hair will be bright and dense. Amla juice is best for good health.

Amla and it's use

1. Amala oil
Due to the regular use of amla oil, the dandruff is removed. Mix Indian gooseberry powder, fenugreek powder and coconut oil to make amla oil at home. Place it on the head for 15 to 30 minutes. Keep your head tied with a heated towel and then wash the head with shampoo.
2.Amala Hair Pack
To stop hair loss, such as at home Amla Hair Pack. Prepare a thick pest of egg, amla powder, shikkii power and rhee. Keep it on the head for 30 minutes. Wash again.
3.Amala juice
By taking Amla Juice, the body has full advantage. This makes the teeth strong and blood is clean. The juice is very sour, so you can add a little honey in it too.
The blood circulation increases when the head is massaged from the gooseberry oil. It also gives peace to the mind.
5.Amla in the diet
Make sure to use amla in your diet with juice, pickle, marmalade or any other way. It should be eaten daily and blood circulation will be fine and your other skin related problems will also be cured. By taking an empty stomach to the amla, other problems of your stomach will also be fine and your BP may also be fine. By taking it you will have a feeling of freshness throughout the day.
  • It needs food every day. This will keep blood circulation better and your other skin problems will also be cured.
  • Amla contains lots of iron and vitamin C, every person needs 50mg vitamin c per day.
  • In addition to vitamin c, the amla contains antioxidants which may help prevent premature whitening of hair.
  • It will keep you fresh throughout the day, and empty stomach of the first half will help to relieve other stomach problems.


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