NEET 2020: Application Form Released , Registration, Date, New Changes

NEET-UG 2020
The National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) UG will be conducted by the NTA from 2019 onwards. This Test was being conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) till 2018. NEET (UG) is applicable for admission to MBBS/BDS Courses in India in Medical/Dental Colleges run with the approval of Medical Council of India/Dental Council of India under the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India except for the institutions established through an Act of Parliament i.e. AIIMS and JIPMER Puducherry. The responsibility of the NTA will limited to the conduct of the entrance examination, declaration of result and providing All India Rank to the Directorate General Health Services, Government of India for the conduct of counselling for 15% All India Quota Seats and for supplying the result to state/other Counselling Authorities.
INTRODUCTION The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India (GO…


If you are virtually a young person, likelihood is that pretty smart that you simply have some disease of the skin. About eight in ten preteens and youths have disease of the skin, beside several adults.
In fact, regarding seventeen million individuals within the us have disease of the skin.
Acne is thus common that it's thought-about a traditional a part of growing from a child to AN adult.

But knowing that does not build it easier after you look within the mirror and see an enormous symptom on your chin! The good news is that learning regarding disease of the skin and taking some easy steps will assist you feel higher regarding your face.

Acne may be a skin condition that shows up as differing kinds of bumps.
They embody whiteheads, blackheads, red bumps (pimples), and bumps that area unit stuffed with pus (called pustules).
What causes these annoying bumps? Well, your skin is roofed with little holes known as hair follicles, or pores.
Pores contain sebaceous (say: suh-BAY-shus…

Kala-azar/ leishmaniosis

Kala-azar/ leishmaniosis
Introduction Kala-Azar may be a slow progressing native unwellness caused by a protozoan parasite of the Leishmania. In Asian nationflagellated protozoan donovani is that thesolely parasite that causes this unwellness. The parasite primarily infects the reticulo-endothelial system and will be found in abundance in bone marrow, spleen and liver.

Post Kala-Azar Dermal leishmaniosis(PKDL)
Post Kala-Azar Dermal leishmaniosis may be a condition within which flagellated protozoan donovani parasites invades in skin cells. The parasite resides and develops there and manifests as dermal lesions. PKDL develops in a number of the Indian Kala-Azar patients sometimes 1-2 years or a lot of following recovery of Kala-Azar; less normally while not affected byKala-Azar. Recently it's believed that PKDL could seem while not passing through visceral stage. However, adequate information is however to be generated on the right track of PKDL manifestation.

National Vector Borne…

Take action during BURN | First aid | lifesaver

Take action during BURN Q. ought to i take advantage of ice to cool down the burn?
No, use water only. Ice could additional injury the skin.

Q. ought to I place a plaster a burn to form certain it does not get infected?
One mustn't use any adhesive bandages as it’ll continue the skin and will cause additional injury. Instead the burns ought to be lined with cling film or a clean bag which can facilitate stop infection.

Q. If garments square measure stuck to the burn, ought to I try and take away them?
No. take away any consumer goods or jewelry close to the burned space, however don’t try and take away something that’s stuck to the burn. this might cause additional injury.

Do's for burns

Call AN motorcar for any serious burns. Burns to youngsters or the aged, electrical or chemical burns further as burns to the face or venereal space, ought to be attended to instantly.Apply cardiac resuscitation if the person isn't respiration usually. try and take away garments and jewelr…

Heart Attack First AID | lifesaver

Heart Attack First AID Do's throughout heart attack:
Patient ought to be created to sit down, rest, and take a look at to stay calm. Loosen any tight consumer goods. Ask if the patient takes any pain medication for a legendary cardiovascular disease, like nitrate, and facilitate him take it. If the pain doesn't depart with rest or inside three minutes of taking nitrate, concern emergency medical facilitate. If the person is unconscious and unresponsive, concern emergency and will begin resuscitation.
Don'ts throughout heart attack:Do not leave the patient alone  Do not enable the person to deny the symptoms . Do not wait to ascertain if the symptoms depart of heart attack.  don't offer the person something orally unless a heart medication (such as nitroglycerin) has been prescribed.
CPR(Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)(HEART ATTACK) :  it's associate degree emergency deliverance procedure. it's a mix of:

Chest compressions that keeps patient's blood current. R…

Head injury | trick |first aid

Head injury

Q . however will a chilly compress work?
A cold compress decrease the swelling and take off the pain of the injury.

Q . am i able to provide them painkillers for his or her headache?
No. Painkillers don't seem to be suggested as a result of they will mask the signs and symptoms of a heavy head injury.

Q . what's concussion?
If someone suffers a blow to the pinnacle, the brain will be jolted within the os. this can be referred to as concussion. It tends to end in a brief loss of consciousness (a few seconds to some minutes). most of the people build a full recovery from a concussion, however sometimes it's going to become a lot of serious. If you're thinking that somebody has concussion, decision medical emergency.

Q. What area unit the symptoms of concussion? Symptoms of concussion include:

DizzinessHeadache Confusion Feeling sick Blurred vision Having no memory of what happened.

Heavy bleeding first aid trick

Heavy bleedingQ . What ought to one do if the patient is bleed heavily?

Put pressure on the wound with no matter out there to prevent or weigh down the flow of the blood.Call native emergency numbers or kindle facilitate to induce to .Keep pressure on the wound till the assistance arrives.

Q. The person appearance pale and feels cold and dizzy. What will this mean? It means that there isn’t enough blood flowing through the body. It is life threatening as a result of it will terribly quickly result in alternative conditions, like lack of element within the body’s tissues, coronary failure or organ harm. This physical response to associate degree injury or health problem is named shock.
If you think somebody goes into shock, him down and carry his feet more than the remainder of his body. such the legs area unit more than the center during this position, that helps increase blood flow to their brain and heart.

Q. ought to wound be washed? For minor cuts and grazes, one will wash the wou…